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refund or compensation for University failure to deliver in a term? watch

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    Hello and good evening, i am a student in year 2 studying fashion photography at the beginning of my second term. Last year a new course document was introduced for year 2 (i was in my first year then) and it was stated that in year two there would be a work placement term (no term was specified). The document stated that we would need to find a work placement and if a student does not find a work placement we would have to do an internal university project. We spoke out and urged that the internal project should be something viable and related to our course. We were assured that the project would something viable and related to our course. So beginning of second year we had a very tight time to finish our projects for term one of second year, a month to organise quite a big project involving collaborating with clients. Therefore many of us didn't have time to look for internships during this time and there was also some confusion about the deadline (we were informed in term one that our placement term would be term 2). Finally ( i found an internship but was cancelled 2 days before the deadline. so i couldn't find one).

    So we are back to term two and many of us weren't able to find an internship. We were scolded by our course director (even though it is wide knowledge that February is a very quiet time to get internships for an aspiring fashion photographer, because photographers don't usually work this time of the year due to fashion week coming up). So even though we couldnt secure an internship we were all expecting that something viable had been organised as was promised last year and also they have had over a year to plan this (we didnt know when to start looking for internship though as we were only told the date the term before however they knew this so they had more time to plan). However we were then told that due to the fact they weren't sure who would be going on an internship they werent able to set up what they originally intended for us (even though, we were told if we hadnt emailed that we had found an internship, we would automatically be put on the list for those who were going to be participating in the in house project).

    Also it is quite obvious that students would be looking for an internship until the deadline date. It was not feasible for them to put the deadline 6 days before term two began which left them with little time to plan anything. (Poor planning). So we were put on this project which wasn't originally for us, it was for an estate in London, who want to revamp the look of some of their roads. Upon explanation it is very clear this is for architecture students, fashion or journalism students not fashion photography students, so we were told that the other students from other courses like journalism and fashion (whom this was made for) have received their briefing the week before and we were left out of the loop( we were also told we would be working in groups with these students). So we are told to go to the briefing and told that everything we be explained next monday week 2.

    A workshop was also organised the next day; where we were told we would be building up our skills in lighting as we were told that this was where we had weakness. Upon arriving to the workshop, it wasnt a lighting workshop we ended up just looking at photos that we could come across on buzzfeed. Which was just an absolute joke! the guy leading it had no real clue as to what he was meant to be teaching us. So week one goes by, utter waste of time and we dont know what we are doing. Week two, monday briefing we arrive and there is still confusion, turns out the briefing wasnt for us and they didnt really know what to say.

    We were called to the side and told we would now be making a visual portfolio for the estate, maybe a website, a campaign or a logo (and my thoughts were in relation to what?) how is a fashion campaign going to revamp the estates buildings? It was clear they were just making it up as they went along. Now we were also told we would not be working in groups anymore but individually however later in the seminar we were told we would now be working as one group of photographers then later as a smaller group of photographers divided. So we are told we would get a proper brief on wednesday about this by our course director, so monday wasted and we get in on wednesday another waste of a lecture to passs the time so we would get our 8hrs a week and then my course director comes in and berates the students for not getting an internship and basically blames us for the disorganisation.

    Long story short he was rude and abrasive when students tried to ask why the original plan for us wasnt followed through. Eventually we still werent briefed and were told would would get our delivery next wednesday which would be week three. But also now we are allowed to work with the other students in groups (even though they are already 3weeks into their project). So far there is no clear direction and lots of disorganisation and miscommunication. I feel like it is the uni's job to fulfil their promises and organise themselves. This project is also make shift and seems like they just dumped us on it. It has nothing to do with photography and is not viable like we were promised. The course also has a history of disorganisations and frustrations. The students are not happy, so what do you guys think request a refund or compensation for this term? as i feel like 3000 pounds has just gone down the drain and i just dont think it is acceptable to be in week be getting a brief in week three 3 weeks basically wasted.
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