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tsr triggers me. why are so many boys/men so nasty? what happened? watch

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    was sexually assaulted by two doctors a year ago. I am in the process of filing a complaint with GMC and the police are investigating. I have struggled with anxiety PTSD and depression since, however am definitely, slowly, healing.

    However, since this, I have noticed that certain types of behaviours, and types of people, trigger anxiety in me, because they remind me of the rapists at the hospital. And many of the posters on tsr fit this description. i also feel disturbed, because arrogant, dismissive, male posters, who seem to enjoy abusing people, putting them down, and saying whatever they want to say, seem to be the most popular, rated, and vocal on this forum.

    part of my anxiety and the fact they i even still, a year on, only leave the house when necessary, is that i feel like almost everyone is a predator, and this paranoia almost, is reinforced so often that it makes the feeling worse. when i leave my house, in normal clothes, to meet a friend for a coffee, i get followed from my car, by men telling me i should model, or shouting things at me. then i come here, and half of the threads are anti-female, with posters who resort to insulting female posters personally, if they don't like what they say.

    i feel like it's two steps forward, one step back. how does everyone else cope? and where do these boys/ men come from? my little brother is really respectful, i've not come across many males like him.


    Firstly, I am so sorry to hear that you were raped. That is a hugely traumatic thing to go through and it must have been awful to be abused by people who you should have been able to trust.

    I am glad the police are involved but wondering if you are getting any support in the form of counselling? I understand if seeing other health professionals may worry you but there are some wonderful counsellors who specialise in helping people after rape.
    You could contact rape crisis or search for local services where they have free and confidential counselling here:
    Freephone helpline
    0808 802 9999
    12 - 2.30pm
    7 - 9.30pm

    Search for local rape crisis centres

    In terms of your other point about how some men/boys can be so abusive towards women/girls - this really concerns me to. Of course most men/boys are not abusive, but we do live in a society where we still don't have gender equality and some men/boys have very problematic attitudes towards women/girls. I am so sorry if you feel those attitudes have been reinforced on the student room and it is certainly something we take seriously and look into.

    You have been really brave and unfortunately ptsd is a common impact of rape and trauma. This must be made so much harder by the horrible posts that you may see here or the behaviour of guys on the street and as women we should not have to experience this.

    Remember you are not alone and you are an amazing, strong young woman and things will get better.

    take care
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