Is going to Hills Road worth it?

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I'm considering applying Hills Road. I'm an out of area applicant and the journey would be roughly 3 hours daily travelling (I would take the train and walk to the station). I do have a good comprehensive sixth form which I have applied to in my town, and the results are very similar to Hills Road.

I wouldn't go to Hills Road purely for academics reasons (if I get in- I'm predicted 10A*s and I got 2A*s last year) But does hills road give that much extra benefit in extracurricular and uni applications (I want to do medicine)??
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You are basically me - 2 weeks ago.

I'm also (was) an out of area applicant living in the Ealing area - a 3 hour journey also. I was at a point when I was genuinely thinking about moving out to live in Cambridgeshire to attend the school.

After a few days of thinking I decided that it wasn't a good idea...

Which sixth form are you planning on going to?

If you are planning to go on a 3 hour journey everyday (6 hours day) , not only would it be wasteful but also you literally will have no chance of being accepted.I spoke to the admission department (impersonating a mother - don't ask) and they said last year we had 250 out of area applicants and only 20 got in who were all applicants who either lived one hour away or who were moving in. You'd be really fortunate to be accepted.

I spoke to a lot of students going there and they all didn't think the idea of travelling all the way here or renting would be worth it. Yes, the social life is really good and it's an amazing school with amazing facilities but just step back for a second - is 6 hours of travelling each day realistic? 1/4 of your day in the tube/bus. I wouldn't think so.

I would have loved to go if I lived closer but I think I'll just stick with St Dominics.

Hope I helped.

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