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    It's actually shocked me at how little I can get for this by googling so maybe I can get something here.

    I've been struggling a lot with my own thoughts lately. I cant pin them down to what the issue actually is, and i've never actually spoken to anyone before in relation to personal problems. Its the first time in my life i feel like its actually holding me back and i know I'm at risk of just spiralling into worse moods.

    I'd try seeking out counselling services, but as a social work student, I'm afraid it'd result in me not being able to stay on my course were i to be diagnosed or treated for depression. I really don't have the option of dropping out either because ive invested so much.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar, or can anyone enlighten me on the degree front?

    Depression doesn't mean you can't continue with the course; if you want to be a social worker you need to know how to empathise

    Empathy and depression are not the same thing. Workwise on placements, I'm already performing better than others in general, but if i crash, most likely so does that.

    I'm looking at how to look after myself at this point, but cant see how to go about it.

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    As someone who's gone through severe depression: get help now! You really really do not want to let this get worse (not that it definitely will, but the risk just isn't worth it), possibly to the point where it will start affecting your course. Right now if you're not at risk or don't have your judgement impaired then I doubt your course will be affected (I'm applying for occupational therapy and have been asking about similar things at open days). So if you get help at this point then that's an advantage, because you're taking responsibility for your own health and hopefully preventing it from worsening.

    Something you might be interested in: there's a thread highlighting a Q&A they're having about mental health disclosure at uni/college: I've submitted a few questions that might be relevant to you, and you'd be welcome to submit your own too.

    they will not kick you off the course because you have mental health difficulties, it may mean you need to have a discussion with occupational health and your tutor will keep in closer contact to ensure you are coping but they will not boot you out automatically, it is far better to seek help now while you are (to whatever extent) managing to keep going with things than to wait until you're on the brink of dropping out anyway
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