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    Hi all! ADVANCE WARNING: Long*, waffley and most probably boring post ahead.

    I'm just after a bit of advice on applying for law masters, first of all I'll just give you a bit of background to set the scene. I have just (September) completed an LLB at BPP. I did this part time over 5 years. In the mean time I also worked at Waterstones, did 7 months of volunteering abroad and 7 months at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    I was top performing girl at GCSE- the peak of my academic career. I mostly studied for my A levels from home (stopped going to school as tragic life event occurred), and in 2007; I got an A for Biology, a B for Maths and a B for English Literature.

    I had a gap year and decided to apply for Biology as I was the top performing student in my year, I got into Bristol Uni but I dropped out after the first year. The course just wasn't doing it for me, and I'd got into a bad circle of friends. Now I look back at my 19 year old self and want to give her a good slap! Anyway, I digress.

    So I was in a position of either having another gap year as UCAS deadlines had passed (I already felt I was getting "behind") or finding somewhere in clearing. I looked at BPP as I had some friends doing GDLs and LPCs there (post grad law stuff for those not acquainted). I was in the first cohort of students at BPP on the LLB. (For those that don't know BPP is a private professional education institution that got degree awarding powers)

    My final result was a 2.1. For the majority of my coursework modules I got 70-80 and for exams 60-70. However the last two exams I didn't show up for (different traumatic event) and was subsequently capped at 40 for the resit. I should have submitted some sort of mitigating circumstances thing but at the time I didn't want to think about it, let alone have to discuss it further with anyone else.

    SO my question is.. after all that probably irrelevant information.. Is it likely I would be able to get onto a 'good'** masters course with a degree from BPP (and also my slightly dodgy transcript)? How much weight do universities put on the instutution? I don't even know if I am able to do a masters with my degree and my circumstances, if I would even be considered.

    I have been looking at LLMs, mostly around Human Rights and Criminal Justice. Am I being too ambitious? I would just apply and see what happens but the £50 fee for each uni is a hefty kick to the wallet in addition to the rejection! I am going to ring around the universities' admissions departments I am interested in tomorrow but I can't imagine they will tell me not to apply.

    Any advice or tips or hints or general comments? Should I just scrap the masters idea?
    Well done for reading this far (y)

    * Looks long on a phone but probably could fit on a piece of paper the size of normal receipt in real life.

    **By 'good' I mean not bottom 40 universities.

    You got a 2.1 which most universities specify as the minimum entry requirement for a Masters. Module averages of 70-80 show that you are up to it. If you can write a good statement showing why you want to do the Masters and provide supportive references then your inconsistency need not necessarily be a problem. There are many students in a similar situation and very few that can present a blemish free academic record.

    What institution you did your UG degree at *shouldn't* come into consideration. Of course, it is unavoidable that it can do to an extent. However, this isn't in your control and I wouldn't worry about it.

    On the specific law courses you mention I can't help I'm afraid!
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