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    I'm an internation all student was doing MBA at Coventry uni London Campus.
    My uni was really ignorant of problems I faced when I first moved here. I kept writing to them but no reply.
    On missing a few classes due to bad health and trying to adjust in a new country I was given my first student warning.
    To which I replied stating my problems. And after two weeks received a reply asking me to fill in an mental health and support form which I did.
    Awaiting the response, another tragedy occurred and I heard the news of someone in my family passing away.
    I informed my uni that I will have to go back to my country I am informing you so the attendance is not an issue later on when I'm back and I was only going for three weeks to do the crimition and other funeral arrangements.

    During my time in India I received a second attendance warning to which I replied stating that why am I being given another warning when I informed before leaving.
    After a couple of days I received a response to the form I had filled for my 1st warning asking me to register with a GP and I obv. Replied that I can only do it once I'm back in the country. On my arrival back in London there was a letter at my place informing me that I have been withdrawn from the university. I filled an appeal and its been 4 months and still there's no response from the university.

    What can I do.
    I have a student loan of £25000. I can't go back without a degree. Every second I keep having the thought of terminating myself.
    But I know that will only leave my mother with the loan to pay.

    Anybody who can help me.
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    Official TSR Representative
    Hi Ashkay,

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your situation; financial difficulties are extremely hard to deal at any life stage, but especially when there are other additional stresses in your life. We do have programs in place to help students in any kind of stressful situation, and I would love to make you aware of the positive options that you have.
    I'd be grateful if you could send me an private message with your student number and full name so I that can help you more.

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    i'm sorry for the late reply, its been a long week for me since i was down with the flu and this mail was somehow in my spam.
    i appreciate the quick response and wish it was the same every time i'd email the university begging for help when the replies didn't come for weeks.
    I have tried a number of times to ask at student desk that i need to get sit and discuss my situation and problems that im facing in the new country but they kept asking me to email on some or the other ID. and then i'd have to wait for them to reply while my studies my health and everything suffered.
    my case is just one of many, a lot of students have been delt wrongly from the university and withdrawn from the course. the university keeps putting the blame on students for being irresponsible with attending classes or assignments but they never try to ask a student how they can help one improve or deal with situation in tough times. i never wanted to ruin university's reputation otherwise i could have started telling many people who come from india or all around the world how this university treats its students and i'm sure many would agree. but my intention has never been to do anyone any wrong may it be a person or a whole university.
    i submitted my appeal 4 months ago and still there's no response. nothing nada. it frustrates me to the core.
    till date i get update for my timetable i dont understand whether i should go sit for my classes but i was told at the desk that i should wait to hear from the university first.
    what is this all gona lead to. taking university to the court letting the world what torture one goes through being a part of such an organization. number of students face problems but they are week and afraid to take a step cause they are new in this country. the university can't just take one's money and tell them to pack our bags and leave for home.
    how am i suppose to face my friends and family after wasting massive amount of money. i'd have to see my mother who's a single parent has a back injury to sell one house that she ever built.
    i can't go back like this not without a fight i'd rather jump off a roof than to see my home auctioned that my father left us with before he passed away and my mother kept building.
    i really don't know what to do.

    i'm a very hard working person and these aren't just words.
    i mean it. i know this cause i have owned my own restaurant and every time there would be a shortage of staff i'd do every single work from making deliveries to taking orders to waiting tables and also helping in the kitchen all at once.
    just cause someone passed away back home and i wasn't here to sign a learning contract with the university they threw me out. i don't see that being considerate at all. it only makes me feel that university just wants our money and nothing more.

    my student ID is 5841523

    i'm sorry for such harsh statements but i hope you understand where im coming from, i don't know what i'm doing i'm literally losing my head here. i can't even write a single statement anymore.

    and this is just a part of my problems. I was accused of plagiarism for an assignment i never submitted. there's more and more.
    please help me with something
    i really don't want to cause any trouble not to myself not to anyone.

    thank you
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