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How do I get rid of he disgusting/dirty feeling after sexual assault? watch

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    Please don't tell me to report it or anything, basically this guy who was supposed to be my friend took advantage of me while I was in a vulnerable position, all I want to know is how to get rid of this dirty tarnished gross feeling I have all the time now, it's even a few months and I still feel disgusting because of it

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    So sorry to hear about what happened to you.

    I'm fortunate never to have been in your position, but here are a few things that I hope might help:
    - therapy/counselling - letting it all out to a professional can be really helpful to some people, and they might be able to teach you coping strategies for when you're feeling particularly bad
    - 'reclaiming' your body - go to the gym, get a tattoo, piercing, even just get a new haircut, and remember that it's your body that you can do whatever you like with.
    - try posting in the Mental Health Support Society on here - we've got a few members who sadly know exactly what you're going through
    - talk to friends/family, they might be able to help you come to terms with what happened, or help you move on.

    I'll add as well that time makes it easier, a few months is not very long at all to expect yourself to be 'over' something so traumatic, give yourself some time and TLC and you will get there

    It's been almost 10 years since my sexual assault I was 12 years old I wouldn't say I'm over it just I have moved on, I dont feel disgusting really but I been with my fiance for 4 years and I'm funny about him touching my parts sometimes. anyway pm me if you need to talk!!!
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