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    Hi there,

    I got an offer to study:
    - MSc in Marketing at University of Edinburgh (UK)
    - MSc in Marketing at Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands)
    - MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster University (UK)

    My selection criteria are the course quality for Marketing study and overall student experience.

    Edinburgh seems to have a better international reputation among the three, but its Marketing course is still quite new and the school is actually more famous for Finance study. Lancaster, on the other hand, is recently ranked no.1 for Marketing in the UK (http://www.thecompleteuniversityguid...gs?s=Marketing). The course at Lancaster also requires prospective students to have prior experience with Marketing (either via working or their bachelor study) while the other 2 courses do not. This means a deeper sharing and more practical insights on the Marketing topic I think. Rotterdam seems to be a very good uni in the Netherlands too (based on their triple accreditation and rankings).

    Regarding overall student experience, I think Edinburgh or Rotterdam are more vibrant than Lancaster as they are bigger cities and the economic hubs of their respective regions. Lancaster city looks rather secluded so I guess if I go there, my experience is largely with the study and study

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these 3? Any inputs on the course quality and overall experience there are greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

    Congratulations on your 3 admissions. I have not studied at these unis myself, but I know friends who read management at Lancaster, Edin and Erasmus. I refer to the B-School, not the overall parent uni. In the UK, you need to check if the marketing course is purely academic or has the pathway option with institute of marketing or consulting project to put theory into practice. It also depends on your areas of interest (traditional brand management or creating social media campaigns and big data marketing)

    Lancaster: It is best known for Operations Research, data analytics and dual degree with German uni. The woman told me that most activities are organised by student union and she lived in uni bubble. There are some local amenities (pubs, malls and restaurants). To put it mildly, there were not many distractions to distract her from her studies. In the vacation, she mostly travelled. Living cost is low by UK standards.

    Edin: Possibly best student city for living out of your three. B-School is strong in some areas (international business) and average in others as you correctly identified. Edin marketing is mid tier outside UK's top ten.

    Erasmus is in my opinion the strongest B-School in terms of teaching (some profs have taught previously at top European B-Schools), research, international outreach (CEMS and PIM member with other top B-Schools). At least in Europe, it has a strong reputation and some EU grads work outside Holland. It is also a feeder school to other top Master's and has high entry requirements. I find that Erasmus offers slightly more electives due to its size. Its B-School is more established and students organise various events.

    Good luck

    Hey, did you decide?

    I'm going to Edinburgh for the Msc in Marketing myself. I really like the programme and the international enviroment at the Business school.. Really looking forward to move to Edinburgh as well

    I honestly haven't looked that much into Lancaster or rotterdam (I have heard really good things about both schools, especially rotterdam). I only considered Edinburgh, King's, Imperal and Glawsgoc myself...

    Good luck
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    @Tcannon: Thank you very much for your detailed response and very sorry for my late reply here. If possible, could you please elaborate more on your point of "In the UK, you need to check if the marketing course is purely academic or has the pathway option with institute of marketing or consulting project to put theory into practice."? I have been in contact with student ambassador from Uni of Edinburgh and from what I learnt, group work, workshop with industry guest speakers are among the key focus of the course. That seems to be true for the other 2 schools as well. Is it what you meant by having the option to put theory into practice? I personally interest in international brand management, I believe that would mean having the knowledge of basic marketing principles and modern marketing tactics such as social media and big data marketing. That in turns means that I need a marketing course that is not purely academic but have a nice mix of theory and modern marketing practices.

    @kigundersengen: Nice to know about your decision to go to Edinburgh I have not decided yet as I am still waiting for scholarship result from Rotterdam. That will be another key decision factor too.
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