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URGENT!!! Help me decide on an idea for a short Horror Production! watch

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    1. Computer Monster Virus
    2. V.O.I.D
    3. Imaginary Asylum
    4. Night Terrors

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    Hi fellow student roomers!

    I'm hoping you can help me out with something.
    Basically, I am taking a course on TV/Film at college and my latest assignment is to produce an idea for a short (10-15 minute) single camera (only filmed with one camera at any time) Horror Production.

    I have come up with 4 ideas but am struggling to decide which one will be my final idea.

    We have access to professional resources but as I am only a first year student, my skills are still being developed with some of the more technical equipment/ software (e.g. CGI in after effects).

    If you could please keep that in mind I would be grateful!

    So here are my 4 ideas. Please let me know which ONE you think is the best/ which one you would like to watch the most if it were made into a real production. I would like your honest opinions.
    Idea 1: Computer Monster Virus (Monster Scare).
    A group of teenage students in sixth form are struggling to cope with the amount of work they have been set (homework, revision and mock exams). As they are so stressed and fed up of having very little free time to themselves, they release a deadly computer virus onto the school’s server. The virus wipes out all the connected computers instantly and the school is forced to close while they deal with the situation. However, the computer virus actually has a much more deadly effect. After so many hours, the infected computers release a electrical monster that runs riot and kills anyone in its path. As the computer virus spreads further than the school, more people begin getting slaughtered by the beast. When the students work out what's going on, they realise they have to stop the mess they created before anyone else gets hurt. Eventually, they work out that the further away from technology they are, the harder it is for the monsters to reach them. And as the monsters are made up of electrical charge, they can be defeated by water. Once they are defeated, the students hand themselves in as the hackers and are arrested for the danger they created and lives they took in their selfish quest- if they were struggling they should have made it clear to the school and they would have tried to help them.

    Idea 2: V.O.I.D. (Psychological Thriller)
    A group of teenage friends log on to a virtual online world everyday and play various quests and games together. It reaches the school holidays and they constantly play for hours each day until they play so much that they get sucked into the game and are stranded within the void area of the game. They have nothing but each other and their inventories to aid them, but the void goes on for miles and miles and it seems they cannot survive in the pure emptiness of the world very long.

    Idea 3: Imaginary Asylum (Psychological Thriller/ Slasher pic?)
    A young girl who is mute and a wallflower is bullied terribly by other children, so she conjures up an Imaginary friend as her only companion. The girl’s imagination is so great that for temporary periods of time he becomes real. Her imaginary friend, however, grows homicidal tendencies and becomes so angered by the bullies that he begins killing them off one by one. The murder investigation ends up deciding the girl is the killer and she is put in special care (she is too young to go to prison).

    Idea 4: Night Terrors (Psychological Thriller/ Monster Scare)
    A teenage girl turns up at the door of an older friend claiming to have been kicked out by her parents. There is a mystery surrounding the reason why but the older friend lets the teenager stay at her place. When night falls, it turns out the teenager suffers with nightmares and is a gateway for scary demons to travel to the human dimension. The older friend dies at the hand of one and the teenager moves on to another house. It is also a mystery if she does this on purpose (is aware of her curse) or if she knows nothing and just keeps on running.

    Please only choose one idea. This is very important toward my course and the sooner I know which idea people like the best the better.

    Many thanks

    MediaGeek123 x
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