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    So I got my mocks back last week and in English literature and English language I got both Bs. I know this isn't that bad and is better than some people at my school who even got Ds but I'd ideally like to bring the grade up to an A*, but at least an A. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

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    Lots of mocks and paper practice papers and mark schmemes which are great. Stuff like york notes and bbc bitesize which are good too and just basically practive makes perfect and make sure you know the book as best as possible

    (Original post by JuliaM1998)
    So I got my mocks back last week and in English literature and English language I got both Bs. I know this isn't that bad and is better than some people at my school who even got Ds but I'd ideally like to bring the grade up to an A*, but at least an A. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

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    english is depressing omg i was getting E's and randomly went to a B. still not happy. my weakest is the writing whats ur CA total grade

    You can take a look at my English language coursework:

    English Coursework

    1st Chapter

    As I stand here with the blistering wind brushing past my face and the snow glistening in beauty in front of my pale eyes I realise the bullet has been triggered.
    The pain sears from every blinding part of my body yet it had not been me who had been shot, no it was me who had done the shooting. I stare at the body of my attacker, everything is finished I am now able to be free from his cold whispers, no not the person I had shot but the person who was after me. The deed is done; I am liberated but as I see the blood, of his, trickling through the snow I hear an interesting beeping sound stemming from the agent’s pocket. As I pick it up, it is a message; a message that contains only two words ‘reinforcements arriving’. I run as fast as I can, the snow crunching beneath my feet, the wind whistling through my numb ears, the silent whisper of the cold night now filled with the sound of my own movement.

    Five minutes later the cars are right behind me, swerving through the snow, my lungs begging, dying for oxygen pleading for me stop as I take every exasperated breath even though I had been doing this for 10 minutes. I see the first glimpse of the horizon as I realise I am about to die, what a beautiful way to die: trekking across the beautiful landscape in which the sea is just ahead, birds above and the sun shimmering above the water. My mind has gone blank and as I realise there are two options either be tortured to reveal details or leave this world and my beautiful family for the infinitely stretched blue-green of water ahead.. As I brace into the refreshing water there is utter silence.

    The doctors around me were mumbled in quiet whispers and as I woke up it seemed each of them gave a relieved sigh. I couldn’t understand the language they spoke, even though I knew many others, I had not learnt this. However, I heard a familiar accent, it was Russian; of course I don’t know how I came to this conclusion but it just came from the depth of my blank mind. There were no men in slick suits, no sunglasses, no fancy paraphernalia meaning they had probably thought I was dead. However that was all I could remember through these small visions of me being chased by men in suits, apart from that I recall nothing at all, not even my name. I questioned to myself who was I, what was I doing and what had happened. My brain was in turmoil as I tried to recall many different thoughts my head and my heart started pounding violently I felt my body quivering and shaking there were too many wires attached to me. I ripped them off blood and fluids spilling everywhere, the surgeons and doctors returned and shouted many Russian words. As I felt my life drain away from me they brought out the defibrillator. I faded into the darkness.
    I woke up, again, this time unusually being more sort of restrained down onto the bed. This time the doctors and medics spoke calmly and stayed here with me. I managed to recall the incident that preceded but had no recollection of the distant past, just visions of strange occurrences-mainly me running from something; from people in slick uniform.
    A man of old age came in dressed in a light blue overall with circular glasses and pale white skin complementing his prickly white sideburns. He spoke to me in English yet with a Russian accent
    “What is your name?” He said.
    I replied “Where am I?”
    “You are in Moscow in Russia’s main A&E hospital. You have received many severe injuries one of them being hypothermia; we found you lying on the coast of the New Siberian Islands. You certainly are strong both physically and mentally, however if our rescue teams had come five minutes later you would have almost undoubtedly have died. A group of fishermen saw a body on the coast so we came out to save you. However, I still would like to know your name to establish a mentally psychological bond”. He then said, but throughout his ‘speech’ he always glimpsed down at his jotter he held as if he were reading it, as if it was a rehearsed dialogue.
    “OK sorry I understand but I really can’t recall anything not even my name”, I said but I didn’t make any references to the visions of the men in suits, as some channel in my brain sparked telling me not to mention anything of the sort.
    He then replied “OK but you need to stay here and rest you are still in a critical condition after your slight outburst before; you have lost a generous amount of blood. If you need anything press the buzzer on your right. My name is Doctor Kailezpoff I have further check-ups to go to goodbye”,
    He then left the room.
    I noticed the button mounted to the wall and began to sense and realise the vague dull colour of the room I was in. It seemed almost like a cell. Cogs were rotating in my head as I realised the overwhelming pounding sense of paranoia that was as if the whole room had shrunk and left me squashed in a minute space. I had to leave, even though my body was in a crumpled state, I knew I had to leave; what if those vague pictures of the men came after me I had to get out.
    Immediately I lifted the rather thin blanket which was placed on me and slowly took out the tubes attached to me; there was light bleeding but my seemingly strong body recovered. Then I slowly crept out of the ward.
    Outside was very cramped; the walls were a discoloured grey and there were many rooms with other patients presumably inside. I heard groans coming from the rooms and it dawned on me this was not a hospital. How could it be? Questions appeared in my head, such as why a hospital would be coloured in such a way, why would patients be placed in such a small amount of space and what the reason was for me to be restrained from getting up on my bed. The generated questions allowed me to determine that this was likely to be a mental asylum; Doctor Kailzepoff had been clearly lying, he was so different to a normal doctor customarily they introduce themselves so why would he read of a sheet continuously as if to calm a patient whom they believed to have a mentally underdeveloped syndrome. I felt a sudden rush of nausea, now it was my chance to escape. Adrenalin rushed through my body as I circled the maze of entwined wards. The rush of it all made me startled as I thought there was no way for me to get out. Every time I tuned a corner I was greeted by a parallel ward, it seemed for me that all hope was lost as my energy began to decrease. Finally in a last desperate attempt I found the exit, smashed open the doors and approached daylight. It was time for me to find out who I was…

    Okay, I'm going to try to say this all at once and keep it brief since you or others might no want to read alot

    First you're going to have to learn how to structure your GCSE answer paper for whatever question. I'm going to use a Crucible example since I'm currently studying it at this time

    Okay so you start off with a very brief introduction just summarising all your points e.g.

    "Throughout the Crucible Arthur Miller consistently uses an array of literary techniques to portray the character development of John Proctor. Such techniques include uses of foreshadowing, themes of sin along with the use of stage directions to represent Proctor's escalation to detriment."

    Immediately the examiner will know what you're talking about and the points you will cover throughout your essay, throughout your answer try to structure your points chronologically meaning like things that happened first in the play are analysed first blah blah. You're also gonna want to cover context within your first or second paragraph just so if you run out of time you've already got it covered

    Paragraph 1 will be an example of one of the techniques you mentioned:

    "Immediately, in Act 1 we are able to see paradigms of foreshadowing along with an introduction to themes being built up;" Here you insert a quotation just like any standard PEA paragraph

    From this point you have two options; you can go with a PEAAA (Which I prefer) or a PEAEAEAA. The first is focusing on one quote and analysing it to your hearts content using original ideas, links to context (McCarthyism for crucible) and giving connotations of individual words throughout the PEA. If you are having trouble with squeezing out analysis use something called MISTV (Metaphor, Imagery, Structure, Theme, Visuals) try to give an analysis based on the features that way you can come up with as many original ideas as possible. The other way being PEAEAEAA, is giving several quotes to support your point and therefore giving you more stuff to analyse and keeping you busy (time waster don't keep quoting random stuff, move on to next point after you're done) here you analyse alot but not as much as the first option. And when you do analyse...ALTERNATE INTERPRETATIONS = A*****

    "While the use of colour imagery through the word 'white' is used to portray the protagonists purity, one may argue that it could also portray his loss of purity and progression to sin as he immediately refers to himself in the third person"

    Or something like that

    Anyway rinse and repeat, make a new paragraph for each new point and get at least 5-6 points in your essay. In one or two of the points attempt to include context to the time or to representations to the future e.g (danforth represents huac in 1950's america) or (Elizabeth is a strongly portrayed woman in the patriarchal society of 1692)

    If you have time try to research and include limitations of the piece of literature you are writing about, perhaps an article you found online that could show a different opinion on the piece of text (this is optional, will help you to go above and beyond to band 6 but nowhere near necessary_

    Conclusion is key! Summarise all your points once again and link back to the question (you should be linking back to the question at the end of every point) say something along the lines of...

    "Through multiple citations presented throughout Miller's play we are able to see how John Proctor develops as a character along with his journey to self-detrimence" blah blah


    May I ask what was your CA grade because that brings it up a hell of alot. If it's below an A I recommend retaking asap
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    Thanks so much that was really helpful we dont do controlled assessment with my exam board which really sucks :/ i wish we did- itd be a lifesaver

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