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    I really need help not sure where to go but i will try here . Help!. I am 22 and i recently went to las vegas and gambled around £5500. I used my credit card and was charged cash advances but i recently swith the money to a 0% interest free card for 18months. The £38,000 is stuck in premuim bonds and doesnt earn very much interest just £25 or nothing each month.

    The problem is i am 22 and spolit i can get anything i want so never had the ambitions to get a full time job I do have a part time job and also go university. l need help because i feel like chasing the losses but my mate who i spoke to about this told me that £5500 nothing if i get a job and work for the next 20 years i will make more.

    This is where i need help how do i get a job I cant go job centre because i have more then 16k in saving i tried applying using monster and other internet job sites. Shall i go jobcentre will they help me?. I am also going to be getting 2 houses worth togerther 800k.

    I been thinking about this the whole day and i though this was a good lesson i learnt so young imagine i lost money gambling when i get the 2 houses or i lose the £38000 i wouldnt know what to do or if i had a small childrens and went homeless over this. But i still have the houses and the money and i could recoup the £5500 from working in the future.

    I have a plan that i could lock the £38000 for 7 years and get around £8400 which would clear the gambling debt which is on an interest free card so only paying minimal payments. I could do a clincal trial which pay £3000 with flu camp but not sure i want to ruin my body as i dont drink or smoke. I really need help about getting a job how did you find a job did you go to job centre?.

    I am have been to college and i got a levels in Sports and Business and business dipolma .so what areas should i be looking at. I been studying business from gcse to uni so i should be able to get a good business job? and any body know the wage i should expect?. I been working part time since i was 19 so my cv doesnt have any gaps and i did computer science for 1 year at uni and passed i can put on my cv and changed to a business degree which i passed the 1st year and on to 2nd. Thanks sorry for spelling on old keyboard. Thanks.

    Sell £5,500 of premium bonds and pay off all the credit card debt immediately.

    The other problems deserve different threads.

    Nothing is 'stuck' in premium bonds.. you can sell them at any point. And they dont 'earn' anything.. they win it.

    Sell some bonds, repay the debt, dont go to the job centre, apply online for jobs.
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