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    hi guys, I know this is probably an extreme example, but just to let you know how careful you need to be and when you might need to go to the big guys; This is what recently happened with me and ASDA, as the situation currently, this is what I sent to them and it was ignored. I resorted to email as my countless calls to their customer services hadn't worked and was really expensive.

    I have spoken to my bank and they have opened up a legal dispute. ASDA charged my card again after having listed my order has having been delivered. My bank will give me back my money but now there is the wider issue of why my order was recorded as delivered in the first place. There is now the possibility of potential fraud if my order was given to somebody else and they signed it pretending to be me, (so don't go stealing other people's orders guys!) it will be found out that if that is the case it isn't my signature and ASDA will have to admit that they have made some sort of mistake. Once fully resolved I will be making a formal complaint. No one should have to pay for things they don't have. Not to mention the poor customer service by ASDA which lead to this incident progressing so far, especially when I made several attempts to resolve the matter with ASDA alone before getting legal representatives from my bank.

    Hi, there are several long event's in this incident so I hop you do not mind but I am going to list them as a sequence:
    1. On Saturday 17th I place an order (no.) to be delivered on Sunday 18th January.
    2. On Sunday 18th I received a text from the delivery driver stating that there had been a problem and that they would try and deliver the next day (I have proof of this)
    3.Monday 19th, I wait in but no delivery and no explanation as to why
    Tuesday 20th - I ring customer services for answers and the order is rescheduled. I bring up payment because the money has already come from my account and I am told that I will not be charged twice
    4. Wednesday 21st - The rescheduled order is cancelled because an attempt to charge my card has been made and has failed. I go to my online account in order to arrange for a refund for order no. and find that it has been listed as delivered, despite me never having received it. I ring customer services, quite distressed as being a student I have little money, I have had to go and buy food to accommodate for the three days I have been waiting for my order and it appears that I am to pay for a delivery that I have actually never received. Therefore I ring customer services again (despite that this is also adding to my phone bill in costs) and I am reassured that my money is only in holding and all I need to do is to ring my bank in order to get those funds back.
    5. Wednesday 21st - I ring my bank and obtain the authorisation code which I give to customer services and sure enough that day the money is back in my account that very day.
    6. Tuesday 27th - the money is taken from my bank account again, taking my account into unplanned overdraft and incurring charges from my bank. And to further my concern, my order () is still listed as having been delivered despite the fact that it never was, I never signed anything to say that it had been delivered and I had to go and do my shopping elsewhere. This means that by quite innocently attempting to order an online shop on my return from christmas break, I have been caused a lot of extra expenses and according to my bank statement, I am paying for an order that I never received.
    7. I have contacted my bank and explained the situation. They have documentation to record that I requested an authorisation code and the money was given back to me and they state that it is ASDA who have again taken this money from me.
    8. I would like to know why I wasn't given updates about why my order was being delayed. I would like to know how it has come about that order no. became listed on my account as having been delivered when it was never received by me, whether it was mistakenly recorded or given to a person who was not me is not my problem as I do not have what it is that you are taking my money for. Furthermore, I would like to know why after having contacted customer services twice (in quite expensive phone calls) explaining how I didn't have my order there but it was listed as having been delivered, no one was able to give me clear reasons or option, leading to the money having been taken out of my account after it had been given back to me.
    9. My bank will be contacting ASDA about returning my money to me which I hope is resolved promptly and I would like answers about how your policy works that it may have even led to this in the first place. From my understanding if an order has not been delivered it shouldn't be documented as so and I should not be paying for any mistake on your part as I have not received those items.
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