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    I met a girl; she is part of a weekly dance group that meets up where I work. She comes and speaks to me every week before and after her meeting and we chat for ages. After a few weeks we get to know each other and she adds me on facebook. I get her number and we get more and more flirty. I ask her on a date, she accepts and seems really excited. Then when it comes to actually going on a date she keeps re-scheduling, I get kind of annoyed but decide to keep at it. A week or so later she gives me a definite day and then we go on a date.

    On the date I’m a bit nervous but things go well, we drink, talk about all sorts laugh flirt etc. It was great and I was very much under the impression it was mutual happiness. The date comes to an end and we both kiss for a bit and go our separate ways.

    I Facebook message her the next day simply asking how she was, she sees the message but doesn’t answer. Over the span of almost two weeks I send 4 messages/texts to talk to her (she looks at my messages but ignores them all). Understandably I’m annoyed, I figure its somehow my fault, and decide to just stop trying. Clearly somethings up and she just wants to avoid me.

    Then she turns up at my workplace like nothing happened gives a half assed excuse about being too busy (she was posting on her facebook wall regularly – but couldn’t take one minute to answer a message from me) and starts chatting to me like were best friends. Naturally I say that I feel kinda hurt and she just awkwardly smiles and carries on. About a month after this happened she has a new boyfriend and yet She still turns up every week and trys to chat with me like before.
    What is up with her? If you wanted to be just friends why flirt so much with me? Why go on a date with me? Why kiss me? Why lead me on, make me feel down then come back every week?

    I think back on the whole situation and come to the conclusion she was obviously just messing me about, but seriously why do this? Why waste my time?

    What I cant get my head around is why bother trying to talk to me anymore, she is going out of her way to see me and chat, If I used someone like that I would avoid them. How heartless can you be?

    It's one thing that we'll never understand. I think some of them just seem to get a kick out of the attention.
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