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I am a third year college student fast-tracking Law on the WJEC examination board and am having some difficulties. I have one specific question and then require more general help.

1) Can anyone tell me in detail the exact differences between the Golden Rule; the Mischief Rule and the Purposive Approach to statutory interpretation. Looked on other boards and they write out a long definition and everyone in the comments section say 'Oh thanks I finally get it' and I am still completely lost as they all seem to do the same thing in application. any help would be seriously appreciated!

2) WJEC is a pretty annoying exam board as they don't have a textbook. They only have a revision guide and then we also use the OCR Law textbook. The issue of course is that the revision guide has far to little information on each topic to construct decent essays and the OCR textbook has far too much irrelevant information that doesn't seem to answer the essay questions effectively. Even using both books in conjunction with notes taken in class we are given model essays with information we couldn't possibly know without consulting half a dozen different law books. Effectively what I am asking for is if anyone knows of an set of online notes that contain sufficient information for essays that I could just learn them and practice essays. Once again any help is appreciated.

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