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    First off, I'm really sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. Mods can feel free to move this thread wherever they think it belongs.

    Okay, so I really need some helpful advice. I'm a third year student at the University of Toronto. My first two years were decent in terms of grades, I scored 70-80% in most of my classes. I know it's not incredible but I was content.

    Well, everything started to go horribly wrong this summer. I started developing horrible compulsive thoughts. For instance, I would believe that I had oral cancer and I'd take a hundred photos of the inside of my mouth every single day.

    When I have these thoughts, they take up my entire focus.

    I plan to see a psychiatrist very soon because I believe I have a case of serious case of OCD that is just getting worse and worse.

    I've never had to meet with my University registrar before but I plan to see him soon to explain my situation. How can I get him to understand that these compulsive thoughts are a serious hindrance towards my academic success? I want him to see that this is a REAL academic disability. I don't want him to have this idea that I am looking for a free-pass or something because I'm "just lazy." I don't know how University registrars view mental disorders or how seriously they take them.

    Is there any way to get money back for this semester if I can convince the registrar that the reason I did so poorly and missed all my classes is because of a serious debilitating mental disorder?

    And keep in mind, I plan to take my treatment very seriously.

    See the doctor/psychiatrist first they will be able to back up your point that you have a something wrong, then see your registar, good luck

    I think just explain to him what is happening, open up to him. Tell him when this started to happen, and how affects your concentration, motivations, academic performance. Clearly the difference in your grades is an indication of this. You could tell him you plan on seeing a psychiatrist. But I would say speak to your registrar sooner rather than later... Universities are usually quite good in these situations.

    I am not sure of the policies regarding money etc, but openly and honestly explain your situation. I would recommend getting medical help too.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for the help.

    I do plan to get treatment. These compulsive thoughts just started so suddenly and they got worse and worse like a forest fire. I've always felt I was mentally healthy and I've never seen a psychiatrist before. At first I even thought they would go away on their own.

    I am just really upset about the fact that

    a) these failed grades will stay on my transcript forever and make it really difficult for me to get into graduate school

    b) I spent so much money on these two semesters only to fail pretty much all my classes
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