How to stay calm under pressure or when put on the spot Watch

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It's something I struggle great with. Whenever I'm under heaps of pressure I start panicking and my mind becomes very frequent e.g. when doing last minute cramming it takes me forever to read even a sentence and absorb it.

By the same token when in class I'm put on the spot I can't articulate as well as I'd normally do, it feels like something very sharp pierces me in the forefront and I kind of have to gasp for air and stutter.

On the exterior I am a very measured and calm person but internally I don't know what happens. I would say out of 10 I'd be an 8.5 in confidence but I just fall apart when around people I recognize.

Can anyone provide me with some useful tips to get over these issues? Thanks in advance.
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^^^spoken like a true Rothschild

perfection is unattainable expectation of it is vanity, let go of the need for control and the need for perfection shall fall, but of course saying this and doing it are rather different things. Control is a fallacious transient concept like confidence all the same, in weeks to come this moment will feel far more insignificant than it does here and now, focus on here and now and feel the greatness of nirvana
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take your time

that has been the most important thing for me - just pausing for a second, collecting my thoughts, taking a deep breath and remembering that it is okay to speak when I am ready

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