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    I'm wondering what extra-curricular/ activities I should do/have for medicine.

    My hobbies at the moment include:

    Computer hardware and building computers
    I drew a similarity between computer hardware and the human body and its respective anatomy. The CPU (for those of you that understand the technical jargon) is like the heart, and the PC requires a certain set of components that work together, much like the organs of the human body do.

    Do you reckon that would be a good to write about in my PS? Or should I speak about other hobbies?

    What hobbies or extra-curriculars would you recommend?


    You should try to build up extra-curriculars that demonstrate skills / attributes that are advantageous for medicine, and then talk about them in your PS in that way. You can make most things sound good if you think about it. It's good to have a variety of some contrasting things that show differing skills. Learning something such as a sport or musical instrument can be a demonstration of commitment to weekly matches / practices, time management to manage A-levels and other learning besides... Playing a team sport can show teamwork. But many people do music and sports, and it's not everyone's cup of tea, and it's perfectly possible to make other things sound equally as good. I don't even have a grade one in any kind of instrument. Try to find something that shows leadership skills, good communication skills... Even something like a weekend job working in a shop or a restaurant means that you need good communication skills talking to customers. Learn a language, learn sign language, take up swimming, get into gardening, do an art class of some kind, photography, cookery...

    I applied a good many years ago now, but I think the biggest thing that I learnt is that it doesn't have to be grade 8 oboe or county level hockey - a grade 2 in something or a weekend job can be just as valuable if you can then describe why they make you a good candidate for medicine because of the skills you have demonstrated through them. It's always fun if you have something a little out of the ordinary (I did some canoeing, had only taken it up about a year before applying and had managed to get the first level certificate in it) but could nonetheless talk about willingness to try new things, commitment to learning which included cold and wet training sessions in the innercity docks of a big city = determination! Time management, balancing it with other learning, taking responsibility as I had to work to fund the sessions...

    Most importantly, don't take things up just because they'll look good on your PS - make sure that you enjoy them as well. And finally, never lie on your PS - it's ok to embellish the truth a little bit and make things sound maybe slightly more impressive than they really are, but you never know when you'll have an expert in something really obscure on your interview panel (I had a professional kayaker...) and then you'll be in trouble.
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