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    I never saw myself as fat that it was shocking, i definitely realise i could do something about my weight, mainly my stomach is a bit fat and i could try flattening it a bit more, i'm a size 10/12

    anyway, my i was once sitting watching tv, and suddenly i heard "ohhh..my...gosh... is that a third boob or something?"
    it was my auntie making fun of my stomach? my cousin (her daughter) was pulling a face at my auntie the whole time, but, isn't that mean, she then said "you need to start doing some stomach exercises" blah blah blah - the ironic thing is that she is obese and is the biggest of her sisters, and hasn't done anything about her own weight in the last 20 years, and has diabetes

    She also comments on my skin, on how i have acne and need to buy some cream for it, and on how i should start wearing makeup like concealer and a bit of eyeliner she said

    my cousin (the elder daughter) also has made some comments, once i was walking with her and she out of the blue looked at me and pointed at my chin saying "your double chin" with a grin i just smiled and carried on walking, btw, i'm not very fat, i'm still an average weight
    another time we were going to the shops but we were looking back because all the kids were following us, so we waited for my other cousin to take them all inside, and out of the blue (just literally out of the blue) she looked at me and said "you're fat", i just ignored her again
    she herself is skinny and she constantly boasts as if it's an amazing thing that everyone's jealous of her about, we were watching the song on youtube "all about that bass" by meghan trainer and my cousin looked at the video with a face on saying "why is she insulting skinny people for", which is a bit silly because she insults 'fat' people herself

    then the younger daughter of my auntie (yes there's two lol), i was sitting next to her and outttt offf the blueeee (literally man), she looked at me and said "*slight chuckle with grin on face* your stomach"
    i'm just thinking WTF! yes, that's my stomach, yes i know it's there, it has been there my whole life, why the need to sudddenly point it out?
    but i again i ignored her and carried on doing what i was doing

    my mum is great though, she said i don't need makeup it will only ruin my skin, and even though i have spots i don't realise how beautiful and young my skin really is, and i'm not fat i'm gorgeous etc,
    so i'm really lucky to have a mum who doesn't judge my appearance

    what are your thoughts?

    tell them to **** off.

    If they are fast then damn boy you had better get those sneakers on daymnnnnn
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