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My coursemate does she/doesn't she dilemma: (Help) Watch

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    So, some added opinions could come in handy:

    Right, there is this really lovely, amazing girl on my course at University. I have always found her sweet and attractive, but at least one of us has always been in a relationship. In first year when we didn't know each other too well, i spent half the time foolishly chasing another girl from my course, before getting into a LDR. Meanwhile, the girl in question got into a relationship with a slightly older guy, whom she already knew from her hometown.

    At the start of second year, due to society and sporting events, i saw a lot more of her. We rapidly got along very well. I quickly got the impression she was fond of me. She told me one night about her now-ex, which struck me as a subtle way of informing me she was single. So over the year we get close. Keep in mind i am still happily with my Girlfriend at this point, who this girl, at least to start with, didn't know existed. I speak to, and get along with her friends on our course more as well. After one night out, i admit i find this girl attractive to one of her mates.

    So, one day in March last year, i go to a social. Two of this girls' friends from our course are in attendance. One of them asks about my girlfriend, which puzzles me. A little later on, a serious conversation starts. They say how there is clearly chemistry between me and said girl, and question if me liking their friend shows that i do not feel very strongly for my girlfriend. They tell me their friend's ex was a bit of an idiot, and that they don't know what she saw in him. I'm told this girl has some 'baggage' of sorts, and that she is bit of a commitment-phobe. I say that would never be a problem (it wouldn't there are things about me they would never guess) and they at one point encourage me to break-up with my GF and take her on a few dates. I came away equally happy and confused.

    As it turns out i barely see said girl after this outside of lectures, due to term ending early, and both of us doing ectra stuff outside of Uni. I come back for third year and we still get on very well, make it other smile, have a laugh, always embrace each other on nights out. I still feel there is something there. I am almost certainhe she has never seen anyone else since her ex (i have no idea how) and is really not the type to pull guys in nightclubs. Just nice all round! She is very pretty and artistic in appearance, and in first year i would have considered her way out of my league.

    So we get to today. I am now single, and considering exploring the possibilities with this girl. If i never even try with her, it will feel like a tremendous wasted oppotinity. However, i don't want an awkward situation in many of my lectures in my final term. I have been there before and its a right pain in the ass.

    Although we will both graduate soon, due to where we both live, and what we plan on doing with our lives it would not be difficult to have a very good relationship. I do feel it could work. So, do you guys think it would be likely? Do you think my chance has passed? Did i miss the earlier signals, or was i looking too much into things beforehand? What would you do in said situation?
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Updated: January 31, 2015
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