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    I'm making my uni course choices, and have heard that a lot of people say that doing law at uni is incredibly boring, has anyone had any experience of this either for or against this claim?

    I found the core modules that you have to study on a qualifying law degree incredibly dull. Land law, equity and trusts, contract, public/constitutional, EU law, all made me want to stick a fork in my eye just for some relief from the tedium.

    When you get to pick your own modules it gets better though.


    I'm a third year law student (going onto an International Law Masters later this year) and it really depends on what you like.
    I know plenty of people who find land and equity & trusts very interesting because it clicks with them. For me, I like International, Intelligence & Security and EU Law.
    That being said, there are obviously similar factors in each. If you can't process masses of info for an essay or can't focus on a one hour lecture then it might not be the course for you. I'm at Lincoln and we have one lecture and one seminar a week. So basically the scene is set in the lecture, we go away and do our seminar questions and reading, go to the seminar and discuss.
    I like it because I'm perfectly happy to read at home and show up to voice my opinions. It is a hard slog through some topics though!

    At the end of the day, it is a book heavy course with many required topics that can be technical and horrifically boring. But that is my opinion! Some topics are really eye opening too like Human Rights and Police Powers.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Yes. The core modules are all fairly boring. You need to remember a fair bit of exams along with a bucketload of cases to back it up. If you're organised and work a bit through the year and then start revising properly in Easter you'll do well.

    Not sure how many people go to study law because they like it - seems to be because it's the best degree they can do and has the potential to lead to a lucrative career, albeit very competitive.

    Hey, I am in my 2nd year studying law at BCU. I can't say it's boring tbh... If you are passionate about something it will be easy for you. Some of the courses are quite challenging and complex, but nothing you can't handle with a bit of effort. So if law is truly what you want to do, give it a go!

    Well so far for me:

    Modules I liked:
    Trusts (core) - equity was dull but trusts was more interesting because it was applied more to life
    Criminal (core) - pretty interesting but very case heavy
    Constitutional (core) - I liked the course but the factortame cases can **** off
    Tort (core) - funny cases
    Policing - cool lecturer
    Evidence - cool lecturer and pretty relevant
    Medical - interesting but very heavy with academic articles.

    Modules I hated:
    Equity (core) - too much history and frankly, the lecturer was a bore
    Contract (core) - too many cases and a lecturer who told more stories about his life than actually explaining hte module. and contract is nothing flashy either
    Property (core) - dull as a pile of bricks.
    Administrative (core) - even duller
    International Criminal - interesting but too dull because our module was pretty heavily public international law that ICL
    Environmental - still have no idea what went on during lectures
    Family - domestic violence was okay but marriages and divorce are not my cup of tea

    I know some people say core modules are dull and the optional ones are better but I seriously think it just depends what you're like as a person. I hated the more case heavy modules.
    I do think overall though, it's a pretty boring degree. You just sit in a chair and read a lot.

    It's pretty boring. Otherwise I wouldn't be on here, procrastinating like a boss!

    There are certainly some very interest modules. But that said, contract law is the most tedious thing you'll ever come across.

    I'm in my first year of LLB Law and I'm currently doing

    Public: boring and kinda hard to understand (i'm working on it!)
    Criminal: my favourite one so far, easiest to understand in my view, just loads of cases to remember
    Contract: loved it, wasn't very good at it - but hopefully i'll be better next year
    Tort: enjoyed learning about it, quite similar to criminal
    Property: puts me to sleep every time, say no more.

    I hope next year picks up a little. No idea how I'm going to pass when I strongly dislike most of the core modules
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