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Good afternoon all,

For around the last month and a half I've been experiencing the itches between my testicles and my anus.
Now, I've also noticed I seem to have red lumps (almost like a rash bump but very similar to a insect bite and they can be occasionally itchy) a few I between my bum cheeks and some seem to have appeared in my inner thighs and just above my belly button. It could be coincidence of course, but they are usually itchy for a brief period of time then they do go away, the ones I between my cheeks don't seem to have improved or disappeared

I lost my virginity in November last year, at the time it was a brief moment of unprotected sex, however since then, I've used condoms since.

The feeling between my testes and anus is that it feels very similar to dry skin with splits in the skin, which do hurt and itch, I initially tried applying E45 to the area, but didn't seem to improve it much. I've had a little bit of blood, but I think that's mainly from the scratching of the splits causing little scabs etc.

Im in no way substituting this for a Drs visit, but earlier on I didn't think of it as anything untoward as I had, had a few splits in my anus or the surrounding area previously but they healed within days.

Any similar experiences from anyone here or indeed any advice as to what it could be? Infection, STI or just dry skin?

Thamks all.
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Its likely just dry skin or possibily a fungal skin infection, which is very common. Sudocreme might be better than e45 to help with healing, but its probably a good idea to just see your doctor and have them take a look to be sure

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