Tips on getting A/A* Grades in Edexcel GCSE french CA

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I have a CA next week for my french GCSE (edexcel) and I was wondering what some top tips are for getting good grades in the CA as writing is definitely my weakest point in french. It is on healthy living/lifestyle.

Any tips are much appreciated
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Hiya, I did GCSE Spanish a few years ago now, but I think the concept of the course is pretty similar to French. To improve on writing you basically need to read more- try and read authentic stuff e.g. a french newspaper - find articles (original articles/magazines or even have a listen to a video or something) - anything related to your topic of healthy living/lifestyle. From this pick out any key phrases that are new to you related to your topic. Perhaps make a mind map or whichever revision aid works for you and put all your newly learnt vocab on their. From what I gathered at GCSE (and the same applied at A -level) was use as much authentic (e.g. words and phrases the french use as possible). So you'd pick that up by reading original things. My spanish teacher always used to make some us borrow a A level vocab book so we could add in new phrases etc that were higher level as this would in no doubt impress the marker. Perhaps ask your school if they have any higher level stuff you could have a look at.
Also when I was doing GCSE (this was about 3/4 years ago) it was key that we used each tense at least once to show that we had a basic grasp of tenses- i don't know if this still applies nowadays. But we'd structure our essay so one paragraph would be all one tense and another a different tense etc- obviously don't take my word for this as GCSE's might have changed since then, although i did edexcel too (but Spanish).
Anyway, good luck and if you need any other basic language advice just drop me a message and I'll be more than happy to help, I did Spanish up to A level and still keep it up in between uni, so i could try and help!

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