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How to balance Homework with Revision?

I'm currently attempting to revise for my AS exams which start in May and I'm really terrified of them, because when I try to revise, I always end up doing so much of my homework that I don't have enough time to revise due to it being too late.

I don't mean to sound spoilt and I'm not complaining about the amount of homework that we get as it is useful for the exam, but I just don't know how to balance the two, especially when I have mocks in Physics which I attempt to revise for but never have enough time.

Can anyone please share some advice? I'm worried about telling my parents this and I'm overall feeling like I'm going to fail these exams!

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I would suggest you make a study timetable where you include say 2 x (30 - 45 mins) revision slots each day. A timetable helps you manage your study time and gives you a sense of gaining control over what you now perceive as a huge mountain. Be consistent and sticking to your plan builds confidence and helps you take it one step at a time until you have reached the top of that mountain in your head.

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