Im so lost and confused, I dont know what to do

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Im in my first year of Uni, and currently of on a average of 58 - 60%.
All though, this is from all the work Iv done so far.

The thing is, in the coming month, I have 4 assignments in (each worth 50% of the unit) + and a practical In less than a month.

Now, these assignments are really hard, Im struggling with them, and I dont really know what to do.

Since I have started Uni, i have been living out and having issues sleeping at night (missing family), thus, ruining my sleeping pattern.

I havent missed any handins, and so far up to date ( except for the 4 assignments and practical).
The the issue is, I have been waking up late and missing a lot of uni.
I know im not WAY behind, as I have been spending the times I missed to catch up with the lectures slides available online.
I dont know if I can perform these assignments well
One of them is coding, another is modelling, and the other two are written reports.

But that is not enough.
Im so stuck.
I have a feeling this will make me fail the year :/,
I wake up feel sad/ill.
I cant even sleep at night. I just lie there for hours, looking at my watch from time to time seeing hours have passed.
Im so stressed, I dont want to talk to family because they are really proud of me, and it physically and mentally makes me ill thinking of taking away that proudness.
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"coding"? So you do computer science?
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(Original post by shawn_o1)
"coding"? So you do computer science?
What makes you think that? I'm sure there's other courses that teach coding as a module besides Computer Science; Software engineering perhaps?

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