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The course structure for my upcoming course is stated as follows:

"The course consists of 12 modules of 30 credits each, making a total of 360 credits. The modules are divided into 3 levels. You normally take 3 modules at Level 4, 4 at Level 5 and 5 at Level 6. Normally you are also required to have an overall balance of 7 academic and 5 practical modules.
In Year 1, you take 2 core modules at Level 4, 1 compulsory module at Level 5 and choose 1 Level 4 option module.
In Year 2, you take 4 option modules and in Year 3 you take 3 further option modules and complete a core final-year project."

Now, can someone break this down for me as I am a little confused. For instance, in year 1, I have the two core modules which I obviously have to take and then I can choose one further Level 4 module. What about this Level 5 module? Will this be something I choose later in the year, or one that is part of the core course that kicks in later in the year? Or one I can choose from a list of a few, but I have to choose at least one so that I am doing a compulsory level 5 module? I am required to do 3 modules in 1st year, but can in reality do four if I choose to take an optional level 4 module. Have I got that right?

And if so, is that advisable? To take an optional module? This course is essay heavy already. What do you think?


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