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LILONGWE – In an attempt to take Islamic knowledge to all nations, the Muslim community in Malawi through Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) has extended its operations to its Southern African neighbors, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

“The growth of Islam in Zimbabwe and Zambia has not been as a robust as it's been here in Malawi,” Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, IIB National Coordinator, told

“It's for this reason that we have been compelled to open branches there, so that, we should be able to educate Muslim converts on salient issues about Islam and enlighten other faith groups on what Islam is and is not,” he added.

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Through these offices, Chabulika said, Muslims in the remotest parts of the two countries were able to access knowledge on Islam.

“Knowledge is very vital in the propagation of Islam. People should fully understand what Islam is, before they make a decision to embrace it,” he said.

“It is part of our mission to take Islamic knowledge to all nations. We would like therefore through this initiative to enable our brothers and sisters in the two countries to appreciate the beauty of embracing Islam. If we make the knowledge available to people, we will have so many of them embracing our religion.”
Islam is a truly global faith, and it is growing in parts of the world where traditionally it has not been present- such as Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia. I expect the growth of Islam in Africa will continue well into this century, and it may even overtake South Asia as the largest Muslim population in the world.

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