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i'm thinking about doing a 'mini course' in summer 07 at Brown for about 3 weeks. but there are various things i would like to know. a) how expensive are these? b) are they for anyone? c) are there entry requirements? i think it could be very expensive which is a bit annoying, but i think it'd be a great thing to do to pad out my gap year.
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yeap! i did summer school at Brown this summer ('06) and i loved it. My course was a 2 week program on economics growth and development. in reply to ur questions

a) it depends, the mini courses range frm 1-6 weeks. Mine was for 2 weeks and i paid around $ 2500. So urs would probably be somewhere near $ 3000. It is worth is trust me!

b) its basically for high schoolers ranging from freshmen to seniors.

c) It's really easy to get into summer courses as they dont require testing like the SAT/ACT. For Brown they wanted high school transcripts, a teacher recommendation and the intial application fee. If all of the three things mentioned were received before the due date. The chances of u being accepted will be pretty high.

hope these helped. if you have other questions feel free to contact me

but yeah i loved it, u shud go for it

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