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The past week I've been finding it difficult

Anyway, I haven't been sleeping that much either.. *again*. With very little sleep I'm exhausted and I can't concentration in class. I actually didn't go to school today because I felt so done and when my mum left the house I cried for half an hour (not bc she left bc idk wtf is wrong with me).

I haven't felt like eating *again*.. I actually forget that I'm supposed to eat sometimes (no I am not anorexic - far from it). I have a really bad headache and feel very dizzy. I'm kinda hungry now but I know if I eat I'm going to throw up.

I've been feeling low again.. Trying to avoid socialising with friends..

I spoke to one of my teachers on Wednesday at lunch and Thursday at break about how I was feeling. (She has been supporting me for almost a year, always there to listen to my problems when I don't have anyone else to talk too etc) I thought by talking to her I'd feel a lot better but it only helped a little. I also don't have a therapist or counsellor atm which is another reason I spoke to my teacher.

I just feel like absolute ****. Idk

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It's okay to be seriously confused about your emotional wellbeing. There are somedays when I just can't sleep and other days where I cry under my duvet. I used to question why and now I don't. I accept that it is okay to feel like s*** sometimes. The important thing is to let your emotions out and then try to focus on positive thinking and becoming happy. It looks like you need some positive endorphins. Do you like exercise? Try doing some sport. For example, I like running and I pretend I am running towards my goals and away from my fears and anxiety. It's cheesy but it motivates me and helps. I also practise a lot of breathing exercises and listen to calming music. Whatever works for you but try and focus on getting better (easier said then done). Keep talking to people and it's okay to feel numb and want to cry sometimes. Try and laugh by watching your favourite TV show/movie or comedy. I am here to talk if you want.

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