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Nuffield Advanced Chemistry Unit 6 watch


    It started off nice and easy with ionic bonding questions but soon it got IMPOSSIBLE. That was the WORST WORST WORST PAPER I've ever done. I am guaranteed a C.

    What was the oxidation no of nitrogen ion that funny compound... what were the bond angles... what was the compound in the ir/mass spec question... and how the hell did you do the leu-gly thingy???

    and for some reason did anyone get that the electron affinty for chlorine was different to that in the data book (like -386kjmol^-1 or something)

    I didn't think that paper was too bad - it could've been much much worst if they'd asked more about redox equilibria stuff, but there was only 1 Q on that - yay!

    I didnt like the first question though, I thought it got easier as it went on.
    I put the oxidation no. of N was -1 in NH2OH, dunno if its right though.
    The bond angles were all to do with the number of lone pairs that the N and O had, making them 107 for the N and 104.5 for the O one.
    The amino acid thing wasn't too bad for me cos I do biology as well & also did biochem option module, so that was a bit of an unfair question for anyone who didnt do that.
    I think the compound was hexan-1-ol, that was a bit tricky though.
    These may all be wrong though by the way, don't take my word for it! I may have just thought that I understood it and really I've failed!! lol I don't really care though cos exams are now over!!!! Im so happy!

    I didn't think it was too bad either. The organic questions were nice and easy, but I agree that the first question was a bugger (Whats the bonding in liquid mercury for gods sake?!!)

    I thought the mass spectra thin was okay, quite a few good marks, as well as the Born Harber cycle. But as for that NH2OH question..bloody hell. 17 marks for a complicated inorganic mess. Pants....

    Nevermind, lets see what reults day brings... (By the way I also did the Biochem option so those questions bout amino acids were such a joke!)

    And the biochem paper itself!! I was waiting for the proper questions to start by the time I'd finished!

    Did anyone a different option? Were they hard? You should have done Biochemistry!
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