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I needed help on designing a training program (The senior managers feel that the team leaders need to be more skilled in
managing the performance and development of the call centre operators and
have requested that a new management training program be designed. Put
together a proposal of how you might address this need) which I have never done before

Any tips/advice will be helpful

Feel free to inbox me - that would be preferred

You are working as an Occupational Psychologist and have been approached by
a mobile phone operator called GreenGo regarding a project in their customer
call centre. You have been provided with the following information:
· The call centre has 10 senior managers, 50 team leaders, and 400 operators.
· Call centre staff has a high turnover rate, with staff leaving complaining of few
opportunities for career development and a blame culture when performance is
· Recruitment of new call centre staff is a haphazard event, with senior managers
using a range of methods to recruit new team members including CVs,
application forms, telephone and face to face interviews throughout the year.
· Senior managers’ roles involve monitoring the performance and development of
the call centre staff. Team leaders are responsible for the day to day support of
call centre staff as well as directly handling escalated customer queries.
· There is a competency framework available for the role of call centre operator,
with competencies including:
o Product knowledge
o Business awareness
o Influence and selling skills
o Customer focus
o Communication skills

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