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I propose we add to the guidance document to the following. A 5 day poll will open on the 18th February 2015.

2: Standard Election Procedure in the MUN

1) All country representatives in the MUN will be listed in a poll.
2) Following a 5 day vote the representative with most votes will be asked to fulfill the role the election is looking to fulfill.
3) If the person with most votes rejects the second person will be asked.
4) This continues until the role is fulfilled.
5) An option shall be created asking for the vote to follow the special procedure laid out below.

3: Special Circumstance Election Procedure in the MUN

1) Special Elections shall be run if 50% of the country representatives choose the option to use this method in the 5 day polling window in standard election procedure.

a) Day 0 - The Secretary General will announce the resignation of member occupying the position up for election in the General Assembly and, acting as returning officer, will announce the election and ask for manifestos (no more than 300 words) to be submitted to them. The Secretary General will post any manifestos as they are received to start the Q&A period.

c) Day 2 – The Secretary General will open voting. Q&A may continue during this time.

d) Day 7 – The Secretary General will announce the winner. If there is a tie between the top two candidates, a run off vote of three days shall occur.

2) All manifestos for elections will be approximately 300 words maximum.

3) Elections for the TSR members representing each of the permanent members of the Security Council will take place biannually in accordance with Part II of Resolution 2013/5. Security Council representatives may only be chosen through the biannual elections or a by election. Extra electoral seat swapping is not allowed. Likewise, no member may represent more than one permanent member of the Security Council at any given time.

4) Candidates in any election are not permitted to campaign via personal message.

5) The returning officer will report any suspicious voting to the moderation team. If fraudulent behaviour is discovered then the votes shall be discounted and the member responsible will be permanently removed from the MUN.
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I believe that for the SecGen election, the manifesto-based method would be more appropriate.

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