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My mum has always been distant, after my father left she would be at work more often and leave me and my brother with our older cousin. She wouldn't pay attention to how clean our rooms were or what we did. Nowadays, she'll scream at me for having a messy room but my older brother gets told nothing. She asked me to clean the living room today so I told her I'd do it in an hour because my eyes hurt (I need glasses but she doesn't believe me, she says I'm lying) she called me lazy and told me I put off things forever until she has to do it. My grandparents yell at me and tell me I need to be more active and that all I do is text my friends. My brother never comes out of his room, yet they tell me it's because "He's a boy and needs alone time". They think I'm being a baby and faking it when I have a panic attack. My mother told me to stop throwing a tantrum. I've told her that the fact that we don't always have our rooms clean was because for thirteen years she never told us to do anything around the house. She just started making us do all of this and screaming when we don't. She denies that she yells at me while yelling. I'm sick of it! Is what she's saying unfair to us?
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Ugh, hard situation. How young (or old) are you? Regardless, I'd recommend you to start with doctors' appointments first. Go see optometrist and get your glasses as soon as possible, trust me, taking care of yourself first is the most important thing. Second, I'm sure that she's frustrated and that's where all the anger comes from. Try with just sitting down with her and talking to her. Try to tell her that she needs to listen and that you'll listen her more, try to be her support and ask her for support. Also, get your brother involved. You're a family and you need to know that. Get your brother to understand that he needs to participate as well and get your mother to understand that by screaming, yelling and ordering you what to do, she isn't going to accomplish anything other than estranging both of you. And most important, tell her that you love her. Remind her of that every day.

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