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    Ok so I know they can cause disease but HOW- what is the process, what do they actually do the organism:


    I think parasites can cause disease because they can cause secondary infection- but dont know how they can cause primary?
    Bacteria- I think they can damage a cell (how?) and release harmful toxins
    Fungi- the reproductive hyphae grows to the surface of the skin which release spores (kinda unsure here)
    Viruses- they invade and takeover genetic material and organelles, and thus affected cellular processes. And they cause the cell to manufacture more copies of the virus, so the host cells eventually burst releasing toxins.

    Is this even right, can anyone add more? Ive tried look on the internet but its just rubbish

    Parasitic infection- Parasites are usually (not always) micro-organisms that live of other organisms (which becomes an host) to survive because it gains nutrients from them. Some are actually harmless and some animals evolved an symbiotic relationship with parasitic organisms. But some parasites cause harm to the organism because it produces toxins as an by-product of consuming nutrients from the body and parasites can harm due to their feeding habits and morphology (like of the irritation of fleas or the tapeworm that sucks nutrients in the intestines).

    Pathogens- Erm, Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses are all pathogens. Bacteria is an Prokaryotic pathogen, Fungi is an Eukaryotic pathogen and Viruses are pathogens that cannot reproduce by it's self and needed to either hijack the cell's organelles to produce more viruses itself or hijack the genetic materials of the cell to program virus replication.

    Bacteria- Remember that not all bacterium is an pathogen! Some bacteria causes diseases and illness by reproducing inside your cells. As the grow and multiply rapid (via Meiosis), they damage or completely destroy your cells and more bacteria infect other nearby cells to reproduce and the cycle continues unless your TB cells find and destroy these bacteria via endocytosis and using lysosome vesicle containing antibodies to kill of the bacteria cell. Some bacteria species produces toxins harms the cells in your body.

    Fungi- Sorry, I am not knowledgeable about the pathogenic properties of fungus species.

    Viruses- Virus cannot reproduce outside the body of your cells because they don't have the same genetic materials that single cellular organisms (bacteria etc) and multicellular organisms (plants and animals) have. It is even debatable on whether or not viruses are living organisms! So viruses invade into your cells and hijack your genetic materials to self-replicate itself and produce multiple copies of itself. It causes damage to you because imagine millions of viruses infecting your ___ organ cells and millions your ___ organ cells bursts, this would effect the functioning of your organ because of the changes made to it's structure (thanks to due the viruses).

    I hope this helps!


    Viruses are infectious agents that hijack the host’s protein synthesis mechanism and use this to replicate. They contain a protein coat and nucleic acids, which form the basis of infection. They inject the genetic material in the nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) to the infected host cell triggering a series of reactions that result to formation of new virus particles. By Inserve Writers
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    This... is a really complicated question with different answers for each species/disease process. Suffice to say, some is direct damage to cells in a particular location (or in multiple places), some is release of a toxin that causes widespread (or local) damage, and some is caused by the immune system's attempts to stop the pathogen from taking over.

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