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I've got an unconditional offer at a university already but am taking a sabbatical year in my college's Students' Union. I'd really like to go to Nottingham Trent, but that would mean losing my place at my current university so am not sure on whether Nottingham Trent would accept me or not.

In their requirements, they ask for 280 UCAS points but as it stands, I only have 240, of which a D is in psychology (The course I'd be studying). I think my personal statement was what got me accepted into courses already, which was obviously convenient and I'd have more this to add this year through my sabbatical year, but I'm so unsure of whether or not it'd be worth withdrawing my application at Kingston University and trying to get into a place at NTU, or just going to Kingston.
It's a very difficult situation to be in, I think. Is there any advice on what to do in regards to this. Are there any situations where this has been done before and is there a possibility the university will accept me with lower grades than they ask for?

Also, just out of curiosity, does anyone what the requirements for Psychology is in their 2015 printed prospectus? I read on their site that it has changed and am curious to know what it is.

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