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I put this under Biology, Biochemistry and other life sciences as I didn't know were else to place it.
I am a year 12 student currently studying health and social care extended diploma level 3 which is equivalent to 3 levels and is under the humanities and sciences category in my sixth form.
I am hoping to go the university to take psychology with clinical psychology after year 13, at the moment, in my sixth form for health and social care it's compulsory that one should find a placement to work in every Friday and at the moment I am working in a nursery, however I'd very much prefer to work in a hospital for my placement, my tutor told me it's very hard to get a hospital placement, but as a high achiever, I am very eager to pursue it as my placement for this school year which would look good in my personal statement for Uni.

Has anyone partaken in a hospital placement during their time in year 12 or 13, if so please tell me how you found your time doing it, and how you found that placement,

thanks in advance.
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Hey, I was able to get a fair bit of laboratory work with a few different cancer charities, one of which was in a hospital but wasn't ward-based, instead being more research-orientated and was not only really fun and interesting but has been a huge help in uni applications.

You could try asking some mental health charities if they've got any positions for you to be able to fill, or even working in a care home (cliche but it helps) would be good for a psychology application due to there being, unfortunately, several types of psychological issues suffered by many older people. Just put some feelers out, send a few emails/letters etc. I was lucky as I had connections to the charity and so I was able to just ask in person.

Hope this has helped.
Good luck!!

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