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Hey there!

Next year I will be taking on the International Baccalaureate; so far, it's safe to say that i'm pretty confident. I'm willing to take the Psychology HL course and heard it's quite easy. So far, so good. However, the issue is, the highest mark anyone ever scored in the history of my school is a 5 and one person ever, and I repeat, ever, scored a 6. The reason behind so is because our teacher isn't very experienced with how the IB examiners go on about things; making her quite clueless to what's going on (As far as i'm concerned).

Do you think it's possible to score a 6-7 even if you're teacher isn't that great? Not to mention how Psychology is one of the most intricate IB subjects out there to tackle.

What's your outlook on the issue?

Cheers for reading
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Hey, I'm in my final year of IB and am predicted a 7 in HL Psychology (have also applied to study it at uni).
First of all, Psychology is a great subject! The IB course is very broad so you get to cover lots of different interesting topics, but I do also have some warnings about the course...

The way they examine it is very rigorous - lots of essays! You may already know this from researching it (but just in case you haven't) the final exam consists of 3 papers:
-> The levels of analysis: 3 short answer questions (8 marks each) + a 22 mark essay on one of the levels of analysis
-> The options paper: two 22 mark essays, one on each option
-> Qualitative Research methods: three 10 mark questions in response to a research study

This might not make much sense at the moment but the point I'm trying to make is that there are no easy marks to get. All of the exam questions require detailed knowledge of each aspect of the course, so unless you keep up with all the work as you cover it in class it becomes ALOT to revise all at once before the exam. (This may be the reason that previous students at your school have not exceeded a grade 5.)

The course is really fun and interesting while you cover each topic but the final exam is a real challenge. I would still really recommend taking it as a subject and as long as you keep your goal in sight for the final exams you should do great! Don't be discouraged by your teacher (mine isn't great either) and there is so much help online for HL Psychology! I hope this has helped you out

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