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Hi can someone proof read my application and give me some constructive feedback p.s. a firm is something we have to set up in our school to help the younger years. Thankyou. I would love to be a prefect as, it is a brilliant opportunity to give back to the school , which has supported me so much.
I would be an excellent prefect as I have good communication skills and flexibility this can be seen by my participation Model United Nations representing Jordan as I had to speak in front of hundreds of people making mature and valid points whilst representing a country that is completely different to the UK. Work very well in a team demonstrated by my ability to play the viola in the schools Ceilidh Band and The North East Hampshire Senior Strings orchestra. Motivated and driven, seen by my voluntary work at a Veterinary Surgery on some weekends and during school holidays as I have an interest in science and medicine. Able to plan and organise events, demonstrated by my ability to run and organise a food tasting activity for the Fairtrade conference and also planning, teaching, running and organising evenings and activities for the Rainbows (segment of girl guiding for girls of all ability ages 4-7) pack I volunteer at. Excellent time management, seen by the fact that I have never been late to school. Good leader demonstrated by my volunteering at Rainbows as a young leader and that through school I have taken the opportunity to take a sports leadership coarse which entails running sports/games sessions for students at All Saints Junior school. Work well under pressure, demonstrated by the fact that I have achieved a level 1 certificate in Babysitting and a level 1 certificate in Life saving. With all these qualities combined, I believe I would make an excellent prefect.
I would like you to take particular note of my commitment both in and out of school. Out of school I am committed to girl guiding as I joined Brownies Guides where I gained my Baden Powell and am now in senior section and a volunteer at Rainbows. I have shown commitment to the school by joining REaL 3 in year 8 and from that I have ran/helped at numerous cake stalls including Macmillan cake morning, made milkshakes on SLUGG walk, ran a food tasting activity at the Fairtrade conference, helped at the year 7 Halloween party, volunteering at the Fleet festivities helping children make Christmas decorations. I have also represented the school by participating in the GA quiz, young geographer of the year competition, intermediate maths challenge, and Shakespeare schools festival performed Much ado about Nothing at the Haymarket theatre, Model United Nations, and also In the Ceilidh band where I have performed in all the school concerts, music workshops with the Henry Tindle special needs school. I have also been a bell ringer with the school where I have performed at Waitrose, Redfield’s garden centre, Sainsbury’s, Vertu and school concerts/assemblies.
My idea for a firm would be tolerance/accepting people know matter what race, religion, age, gender ,ability or sexuality they are, this is a good idea as it is very easy, particularly when you watch the news, to make assumptions about people for example what people are like when they are in certain religious groups. The school would benefit from this as, it would give the students a different perspective of important issues such as although some people may find it funny to laugh at the elderly they forget that a lot of those people fought for our country. I decided this would be a good idea after working with the Henry Tyndale School and volunteering at Rainbows as everyone is different even if they have similarities such as they belong to the same religion and therefore you shouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush. The activities would include occasionally doing assemblies (providing a slot was available) about public perception and that there is more to someone that just their age, religion, race, gender and ability. Discussing why the world would be a better place if everyone was tolerant and also how the ideology of tolerance has increased people’s opportunities in life so much for example, in America now that black people have the vote there is a lot more peace and tolerance within communities so much so, that America currently have a black president. I would also try to help the students become more tolerant towards others as the stereotypes we make about people are not necessarily true, I would do this by finding examples of people who countered the common stereotypes made about people of that particular race etc. as evidence and also to give the students a difference perspective. E.g. some people make the assumptions that people with disabilities cannot achieve as much as able bodied people however people such as Professor Steven Hawking or people in the Paralympics don’t fit this unfortunate stereotype.

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