Have I made a mistake?

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I have received a conditional offer from LJMU for the Criminology & Psychology course, which I'm pretty happy about. I love studying Psychology, and thought it would be a good idea to hone in on a more specific area for my further study.

However I've recently noticed a lot of people in this topic discussing the 'Forensic Psychology & Criminal Justice' course, one that I must have skipped over by accident during my application process.
The course sounds really great, boasting the fact it's one of the most popular in the Law school, and makes use of all the brand spanking new and expensive buildings etc etc.

Have I missed a trick and applied for a sub-par degree?

To me, the FP & CJ sounds even MORE appealing than Crim & Psych, and tbh a little better in terms of subject matter and also potential career prospects.

I'd be so grateful if anyone who is a bit more in the know about the subjects (my application was made very very late, possibly even a bit 'rushed' by the looks of this new revelation) could shed a bit more light on this as a little seed of doubt regarding my decision has been well and truly planted!
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Well I'm on Criminology, I have friends on Crim/Psych - 1st year Crim/Psych shares some modules with Criminology on Mount Pleasant campus and then there's 2 days at Byrom Street for the Psychology. The shared modules are Introduction to Critical Criminology, Studying Criminology (but only semester 1, then it's Studying Psychology for semester 2) and Inside the Criminal Justice System. The first covers loads of different and interesting topics within Criminology, it's a really good module or has been this past year. Studying Criminology is a pretty standard module - every course seems to have one titled 'Studying (insert course title here)' and is generally the basics of what skills you'll need to build up whilst at Uni e.g. essay writing, exam preparation and Inside the Criminal Justice System has a lot about policing, prisons, issues with both, sentencing and so on. I know one friend has a research methods module for Psychology where she's had to design a piece of research with a questionnaire, seems quite practical in some respects - she said it's mostly interpreting data for that and the social/development psychology in particular is quite interesting. Apparently according to her quite a few people are dropping the Psychology element for 2nd year but she said she thinks people that enjoyed Psychology in 6th form or college would enjoy the Psychology part of the course.

I think on both Crim/Psych and FP + CJ you are eligible for BPS membership although you may not be so bothered about that. I believe the FP + CJ has more of the law side of things too, we obviously discuss the law in Criminology but I don't find it to be so law focused. Both courses use a lot of the same buildings - namely Redmonds, which is the newest building. Everyone has access to the same libraries/resources etc.

To be perfectly honest quite a lot of it does seem to cross over, so I don't think by selecting either you will have made a big mistake. I think you should just go with what you prefer. I switched from Geography to Criminology really last minute, which are obviously totally different and that's all worked out well for me. If you end up on a course and don't like it, there is also the option to transfer courses when you arrive, although there is a deadline for that, so don't feel like you're stuck in a decision once you first make it either.

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