How do I answer this 12 mark question?

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Discuss how far sociologists would agree that a pupils social class is the most important influence on his or her education?
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For the agree section I would talk about marxism, and how being in the working class can lead to material deprivation. For example: they aren't able to afford private schools, or resources like computers. Also, the working class have poorer quality housing compared to the ruling class, which may have nowhere quiet for a student to study or may be damp/draughty leading to illnesses and missing school. They are more likely to finish school asap, and not go to university.
You could also talk about cultural deprivation in the working class; they are more likely to suffer from a lack of language skills and supportive parents. Evidence of this is the "bernstein speech codes" - the working class use more slang and restricted speech codes, whereas middle class use elaborate speech codes and the curriculum is made up of elaborate speech - giving the middle class an advantage.

For the disagree section: You could argue that ethnicity is the most important influence and talk about how there is labelling, for example: black afro-caribbean boys are more likely to be labelled negatively, leading to a negative self-fulfilling prophecy and the creation of an ASS etc. And asians are more likely to be labelled positively and therefore will create a pro-school subculture where they will value education.
Gender may be another factor, with girls also being more likely to succeed as they are labelled more positively and (particularly in primary schools) have more female role models.

Sorry this is long, you obviously don't have to include all these points. If there is anything that I've said that doesn't make sense feel free to ask me
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Class is the overarching variable not ethnicity.

The question posed by op is not clearly defined enough to be asked in an exam.

12 mark question

No intro

Two internal explanations
Two external explanations
Evaluate both types of explanations - it's most likely a mix of both
No conclusion

I examine for AQA

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