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Just thought I'd distract ya'll from coursework and exam revision!

I'm a first year undergrad student, so I just wanted to know perhaps from KS4-KS5, what was your most favourite and least favourite books that you studied?

Least favourite(s): The Hound of the Baskervilles and Of Mice and Men. I disliked these ones because I just never had an interest in Crime literature. Of Mice and Men was just annoying as hell because Lennie was just so thick as pig poo, it was unbelievably annoying!

Most favourite(s): Great Expectations, The Woman in Black and To Kill a Mockingbird. GE is what made me adore Victorian fiction; the way that love can hit us, especially young people is still the same as it was 200 years ago and it related to my life at the time. Also from being nothing, to being something is what a lot of adolescence go through at their 14-18 stage - well I know I did when it got to Year 11. WiB was just pure excitement! I loved the suspense of it and I thought it was just ace. TKaM was brilliant. I read it every single year because I just adore Scout and how Harper Lee counteracts the theme of injustice in the world with justice too.

Least: Enduring Love. Absolutely couldn't stand the way McEwan drowns on and on about things. Wuthering Heights is just, eww. Enough said.

Most: Birdsong. Big novel, but it was good cause it really depicts the horrors of WW1. Picture of Dorian Gray was brilliant. I read it a year before A2 for pleasure and when I got told we could pick a third text for our A2 c/w, I jumped at the chance and thoroughly enjoyed analysing that text.

Yours doesn't have to be as long as mine. But it's just nice to elaborate. Maybe it will give you some motivation to love Literature and reading again .

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