Due to health: potentially dropping to 5 GCSEs

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I've recently been offered the opportunity to potentially drop from 8 GCSEs to 5 GCSEs by a council division following a very unsuccessful two years at school.

When I say 'unsuccessful', I mean I was projected to receive no less than A*s and As at GCSE, until I began to crumble in early Year 10 under the stress with some extremely disruptive symptoms which led to me spending most of Y10 in isolation (for good reason).

Year 11 has also been quite a rocky road so far and I'm still struggling to attend school under a flurry of institutional anxieties relating to my studies.

I feel that dropping to 5 GCSEs will only bring positive things. It will give me quite a few free periods to focus on my core subjects (Maths, English, Science) and also my two options (ICT and Computing). I have considered dropping French, Geography (an option) and RE. These free periods can be re-invested into improving my grades where they really matter, as I fear that in 'putting all my eggs into one basket' may cause me to falter and do badly in all of my subjects. Being 'away from people' just as being in isolation would be a plus during these free periods. This would definitely alleviate anxieties.

I have already completed one GCSE and gained a grade B. Most colleges I've looked at would accept 5 A*-C which I think is well within my capabilities; given that I've already got one of those. I want to follow a BTEC/NVQ route anyway after I leave high school because I'm told it's less intensive than an A-Level and a lot of time is spent studying independently out of the college environment.

Do you think I'm doing the right thing in accepting, and dropping to 5 GCSEs?


P.S. I know this is in the H&R forum, however I feel it is correctly placed due to the motive for asking the question (health-related). Also, I value my anonymity. Admin - if you're going to move this to a section where I'd lose my anonymity, please just delete my thread.
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yeah I think that's a good idea, most places only just ask for 5 GCSE's, because let's be realistic 5 A's/B's look better than C's/D's.

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