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Originally posted by Unregistered
get a degree earn lots of money and the girls will flow, all the *****es are after is money
lmao <---- listen to this man, he knows how it is

Well i don't know if the poster is serious or not, I can't tell. But if so, the first stage is liking yourself. I doubt everyone hates you, just the people who do stick in your mind. How old are you? You sound like your in secondary school or something, and i'm sure everyone will agree secondary school can be a pain at times. Like someone said, be yourself and people will like you. I can't really give you advice because i don't know you but *sigh* good luck anyway.
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Hey, don't worry aobut it. Its just you obviously don't know the right people. Im a total reject, and i talk in the sort of 'wordy' way which pisses people off, but i still get on with people.
Of course, im also totally anti-social, have an inferiority complex, and well...
you get the point.
Well, anyway, im not the sort of person people ever like, but they do.
Just find people who can accept you for who you are.
I know its corny, and has been said so many times before by so many people, but its true.
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