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When I sent off my Uni application, I didn't fully think through the Uni's I applied to and now I can't pick an insurance choice...

I applied to the University of Liverpool (ABB), the University of Cardiff (ABB), Oxford Brookes University (BBB), the University of Hull (BBB) and the University of Cardiff again under a different course..

I've decided that the University of Liverpool will be my firm choice, they are offering me ABB and at the moment I'm working at that. However, one of the reasons I chose Liverpool is because it is about 40 minutes away from home, which is something I've decided I want..

Cardiff, Oxford and Hull are all far away from home. Hull I've ruled out as it would be extremely expensive to get home and I don't like the University enough to choose it (sorry Hull!)

Cardiff is a long and expensive train journey, Oxford is similar (I'd need to get 3 changes to get there)

Is it worth having an insurance choice or not? How reliable is clearing? I could just put the Uni of Liverpool, but what happens if I don't get in?

And if I did get into Cardiff/Oxford on insurance, do I then have to go there?

I'm stressing out about this, so any help would be strongly appreciated..

Thank you!! x

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You don't have to choose an insurance choice, and there's no point picking a university you have no intention on going to. If on results day you are lumped with your insurance, you can ask them to release you into clearing, however this can take 24-48 hours, and some clearing places that you want will have gone by then.

It seems you're set on living at home, but have you considered living in halls/student accomodation at Cardiff or Oxford Brookes? This would enable you to have an insurance choice.

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