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Describe the sources that cause background radiation?
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(Original post by Rockyboy)
Describe the sources that cause background radiation?
I suggest you read this:

if you don't want to, our maybe find it too lengthy in short most background radiation comes from natural sources.
Sources of natural background radiation:

  • Cosmic rays - radiation that reaches the Earth from space
  • Rocks and soil - some rocks are radioactive and give off radioactive radon gas
  • Living things - plants absorb radioactive materials from the soil and these pass up the food chain

For most people, natural sources contribute the most to their background radiation dose.

copied and pastied from the link ^ all credit goes to BBC bitesize.

Artificial sources

There is little we can do about natural background radiation. After all, we cannot stop eating, drinking or breathing to avoid it!
However, human activity has added to background radiation by creating and using artificial sources of radiation. These include radioactive waste from nuclear power stations, radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons testing and medical x-rays.

Artificial sources account for about 15 per cent of the average background radiation dose. Nearly all artificial background radiation comes from medical procedures such as receiving x-rays for x-ray photographs.
Again from bbc bitesize, hopefully this is helpful if you want me to explain it in my own words I can, but I feel this is much easier to understand. Just remember Artificial isn't background. Artificial is from us, x Rays etc.

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