Ukip and the greens: Is history repeating itself?

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Apologies for the length, I have tried to keep it as brief as necessary.

A degree of scepticism is a good thing in politics, as is also a obvious degree of uncertainty. We cannot know most things for certain, ie the Matrix Theory, it is likely to be untrue, but it is within the realms of possibility. Therefore what I am proposing is not what I view as fact, but is only a theory “Which for Poppers criterion, must be falsifiable.

My theory then is that, Putin and his support for the eursceptic parties is near identical to the Rise of Communism and Fascism in the 1930’s. Much of what I am saying will inevitably be dismissed as rubbishing of the eurosceptics, and indeed I find much of them disgusting such as the Neo Nazis that Farage gets support from. It should be noted though that oddly enough, arch Eurosceptic Dan Hanaan has reached a similar conclusion found here:

The 1930s was inevitably shaped by the Great depression. Similarly, the global ressesion of 2008 and marked a similar period in western history.

The defeat of 1919 was an absolute social disaster for the German people, who had been convinced that they had been winning the war, and in turn felt betrayed by their leaders. The defeat and subsequent dissolution of the USSR had similar results in Russia.

The 1930s heralded the arrival of two distinct ideologies emerging as a challenge to the perceived failings of capitalism and liberalism- Fascism and Communism. Although theoretically dissimilar, many commentators have noted the similarities between them and their often willing collusion- against the anarchists in Spain or in Poland in 1939, where Orwell noted that British members of the Communist party were expressly forbidden from criticising Hitler.

An idea has been formulated that there is a “Horseshoe affect” where the far left and far right converge to form a totalitarian symbiosis- the formation of the notionally communist North Korea backs this claim. In modern times, we can see this in the activities of utterly opposed but ultimately similar street movements of UAF and the EDL- both use intimidation, violence and thuggishness to silence opposition to their views. I have had the misfortune to encounter both of these groups.

The British union of fascists, alongside other fascist movement in Europe received financial backing from Hitler. The BUF received £50’000 from the Nazis.

A number of Eurosceptic parties has been backed by Putin, noticeably marie le pens national front. These parties claim that this does not affect their policies:

And now to the crunch of my theory, and the bit which will **** people off the most:

The rise in support for UKIP and the Greens mirrors that of the Communists and the Fascists. Although dissimilar (BUF were far more BNP like, and the green ideology differs slightly from communism in certain aspects), the events surrounding the rise of these parties, and the rhetoric of these two parties (Loaded pejorative terms like- Liblabcon, Neoliberal, Bankers,) contempt for opposing views and the will to “Bring back democracy” usually referring to referendums.

As I have posted numerous times before, referendums suit the biases of people with extreme views and allow complex areas to be crudely drawn from complex scenarios. I would think it better that parties simply acted upon their ideas instead of using these methods IE UKIP leaving the EU outright. If it matters to people and plays such a negative role in peoples life then people will still vote for it. Additionally, would ukips opinion change if people voted to stay in?

And what about other issues? If, after say a series of scandals such as those that developed with princess Dianna, would Ukippers support a referendum on the Monarchy (Which ukippers overwhelmingly are in favour of? As per the Greens, what about a referendum on nuclear power, or the death penalty?

Both UKIPs and the greens positions with Europe and Russia worry me. I’m not saying that they are receiving money from Russia, but I would not be surprised (Especially ukip who’re buddies with parties that have).
UKIP have in recent times blamed the EU for Russia’s actions in Crimea, whilst Natalie Bennet has basically supported a policy of appeasement as far as Putin is concerned.

Our politicians have let us down in recent years, let us be sure. I’d still rather have them and an at-times inept Brussels based bureaucracy than what the alternative seems to entail

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