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Curing the effects of bullying watch

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    This will probably be a very long post but I'm really hoping to get some useful advice and hopefully get better if I write this down.

    I was bullied throughout secondary school. I often never did anything about it and kept quiet. A friend did bully me but she always made me feel like it was nothing.

    These are various incidents that happened. I'm hoping that if I write them down it may aid with the healing process.

    -comments about my thin weight, like being called anorexic when I was not (I forced myself to eat more food at times which made me feel very ill)
    -comments against my accent (I sometimes mispronounced things slightly - I was told that if I live here I should learn to speak like everyone else but my mispronunciations were only slight and it was only 1-3 words I pronounced differently)
    -told I had to have plastic surgery
    -comments on skin (acne)
    -being laughed at
    -I had my bag thrown on the floor
    -PE kit stolen
    -bag vandalised
    -shoes thrown into bins
    -one threat to attack me
    -hit once

    My teachers never did anything. I had no support and didn't tell my parents until after I left secondary school. I suffered panic attacks afterwards but have been able to control them recently. I can talk to people but I just cannot develop a friendship.

    I have spoilt various friendships afterwards due to my trust issues and paranoia. I feel as if I cannot be close to anyone. Luckily, I have one beautiful supportive friend from secondary school who is always there for me. However, I am going to university this year and I just really want to make some close friends but I'm worried my paranoia will be there to haunt me.

    What I really wish more than anything else is to forget these memories.

    Does anyone with a similar experience have any advice please? I would be very grateful.

    Thank you for your support

    You can't cure bullying. You can't erase the memories, you can't possibly reverse the effects. It shapes you into the person that you currently are. The effects of bullying become a defining feature of your life, personality and outlook. It's a character-building experience. All that's left to do is to live with the effects, sooner or later you'll reach a stage of tranquility and relaxation. It gets better.

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    Thank you. I truly hope I will reach that stage soon and I will try and have a positive outlook on the future. Hopefully I will be able to develop trust and a close friendship at university.
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