Outline research into the effects of misleading information on EWT

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I recently did my psychology mock and for this question I got 2/4 of the available AO1 marks, I wonder if anyone has some tips on improving. The following is my outline:
the study of Loftus and Palmer 1974 aimed to show how misleading questions can alter peoples perception of events. They showed participants a film of a car crash using an independent measures design. After they questioned participants on the speed of the car when it either "contacted", "smashed", "collided", "hit" or "bumped" the second car. They participants were asked to guess the speed in MPH. They found that the participants in the contacted groups estimated a speed of 30.8mph, yet smashed resulted in a higher estimate and contacted received the highest speed of 40.8mph. From this Loftus concluded that how people perceive events can be drastically altered by the presence of misleading information. In this case resulting in a 9mph speed difference.

any help would be greatly appreciated


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