Least prestigious Russell Group universities. Watch

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Belfast (BBB entry requirements),
QMUL (worst RG uni in London. If you're gonna go to London theres KCL/UCL/LSE/ICL),
Liverpool (BBC entry requirements)
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(Original post by Gnomes&Knights)
You could be talking about Indians as they tend to excel a lot educationally. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are nowhere near as educationally successful as the Indians. In every ethnic group there is always going to be hardworking individuals but in some ethnic groups, hardworking individuals are more common than in others.
Non-Indian Asian here, work harder and am im a better position than probably a good 80% of non-asians (both from my degrees and my job) and 99% of Indians.

There was a lot of hassle from my dad for me not to choose engineering, and subequently Finance because medicine was ‘in the family’, likewise all of my parents’ friends’ kids (same or similar backgrounds) have completed or are completing medicine - the work ethic is there, has been for generations.

I take offense to you saying muslims dont work hard because of a population of Muslims in a historically (before them dirty muzlamics got there) poor part of london.
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all you ****ing middle class members calling qub less presteigious
Go to an open day at QUB, it’s most likely better and a more warm environment than most of englands universities.
Just because it’s out of England doesn’t make it less prestegiois. Most of you are all listing universities based on stereotypes of the students who would study there.

You all can **** off to oxbridge and imperial if you are all going to be snobs and call universities which have high student satisfaction and great research the *****er of russell group unis.
I’ll be staying at home racking up £16k of student debt while you all rack up £37k (maybe more for accomodation)
*sips tea*
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(Original post by Twinpeaks)
Cardiff is better for research though.


People always underestimate Cardiff people because it's in Wales. Sad really.
Spot on. The “It’s Welsh so it must be crap” mentality.

Honestly, though? This thread is just group ego stroking for snobs. The universities are all Russell Group for a reason. What you put in to it matters more than what it’s currently rated at by a set of certain standards.
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