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Hi guys
I'm pretty new here, mainly because i need real big help. I'm Sofia, French student, studying for the international baccalaureate. (sorry if this is not in the right section btw, i'm not sure wheer i should post it)

So my trimester just finished and my teacher is going crazy. She gave us this Essay on Auden, for Monday, and i don't understand the question...

"Auden uses poetry to remind us of what poetry can never give us" How does Auden explore the power of petry (poetics, poetic voice, words, form...) in the poems you have read?

It' an 1h30 essay, so not that long, but i feel weirdly like the question in contradicting itself? Could anyone help me do it?

We have worked on those Auden poems and have to quote and use them as our main arguments. I haven't found any thesis either, so i guess i'm not of much help :/
Look, stranger, at this island now
Lullaby (lay your sleeping head)
Spain 1937
Night Mail
Roman Wall blues
MusΓ©e des Beaux Arts
In Memory of WB Yeats
The shield of Achilles
As I walked out one evening
Stop all the clocks
September 1st 1939
Underneath the Abject Williow
The fall of Rome
The more loving one
Epitaph on a Tyrant
Ballad (O what si that sound which so thrilss the air?)

We have the basic themes Auden uses in his poetry, like love&compassion, hope&despair, solitude&isolation, anxiety&suffering&pathos, guilt&trauma and much more but the list is very long.

Please please please could someone do this for me? I really am dying under papaer to write atm.

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