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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on what course would be more suitable for me to study. After university, key points would be:

  • Starting salary and growth of salary
  • Development of future technologies
  • Laddering
  • Business opportunities

I've learned various programming languages since being out of school (I'm 21). My other strongest subjects are naturally physics and mathematics. I feel like after so many years in the field, I would likely take a high managerial role or start my own business. Would one choice be better than the other for this?

I know very little about robotics and I am worried that it lacks the prestige a computer science degree has, due to it being a fairly new field. Would employers prefer a CS degree? Would Robotics offer a narrow range of job opportunities compared to CS?

I'm sure there's other questions but this will do for now. Thanks for your help.
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Really there are no definitive answers for what to do but personally... I would go with Computer Science out of those two. It has a much larger scope for employability and the like so you're more likely to find a job - however I am just a person on TSR and nothing will beat pure research into both fields.

If I was you though, also consider Engineering courses if your strong subjects are Programming (Computing), Physics and Maths. They all go hand in hand for quite a few Engineering degrees so just look around. Those are good subjects and assuming you have sufficient qualifications (i.e. GCE) in them, they can take you far.

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